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Again, welcome.  This un-official web site is hopefully something that any Deserter owner or wannabee will appreciate, and is a no fee, no obligation
web site. It's intent is to provide and share information on the Deserter, Deserter GT and Deserter GS cars.

These cars were originally designed and manufactured in Marblehead, MA by Dearborn Automotive Corp and/or Autodynamics and others since then.

The west coast origins of the dune buggy are well documented and we all have Bruce Meyer's to thank for creating the original VW fiberglass fun
car or dune buggy, the Meyer's Manx.

On the east coast, we have Alex Dearborn and the folks at Autodynamics who went a step further creating a car with distinctive and exciting
looks that set it apart from many of the other clones of it's days.

With information pretty difficult to locate on the Deserter cars, this site helps to inform others based on my 40+ years of ownership and
following of these cars. The Deserter Book, the fun cars from Marblehead, MA written by Alex Dearborn has been sold out for years but, much of
the same information can be found here and downloaded from this site.

A recent summary (Fall 05) of the Deserter Cars story was published by
Jim Hale in Ultra VW Magazine.  It provides a very good overview of
much of the Deserter story as told by Alex Dearborn himself and is a great starting point in learning of these cars.

This site and our separate discussion forum provides a location for owners to share pictures, post classifieds and provide tips on restoring the
cars. Life after the heyday of buggies, often left them in less than favorable condition.  But today many VW parts are still plentiful and some of
the pieces unique to the Deserter are being reproduced.  The future is bright and promising for these cars for another generation to enjoy.

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