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This site, and the DOG discussion forum (use link on the left) just might be your best source for information related to the
Deserter dune buggy's from Marblehead, MA.  Specifically, the Deserter GT, the Deserter GS, as well as the Deserter
Series 1 cars.   With original photo's, advertisements, assembly manuals available on this site, as well as technical help
available via the DOG Forum members, you'll be sure to get that Deserter of your's back on the road again or find the one
you've been looking for.

If you have any Deserter dune buggy, or other information or photo's you'd like to share, please pass it along.  
And feel free to look around and enjoy,  Thank you - Bob Elliott
Please forward all comments, suggestions or submissions to - bimelliott(email at)comcast.net
and thank you in advance for sharing information on these great little cars.

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