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Original Deserter Build Manuals
Caution:- Old Deserter Print Stuff - Most is no longer available in original paper and some of the text and photo's are not as
clear as we might wish, but still an invaluable resource for those without. (It's free, don't bitch.)  Some of these suffer from
being a scan-of-a-copy-of-a-copy but are the best I have available. Feel free to provide me with a better image and I'll gladly
post them for all to enjoy.  All liturature are Adobe PDF files,
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Original Sales Brochures
GT Assembly Manual - Original GT manual with general instructions including pan shortening. Much of this manual would be
appropriate for other buggies, including the series 1 Manx clone. (19 pages, 1.7meg file)

GS Assembly Manual - Original GS manual with lots of information specific to building the GS. This manual depicts the S-1 body in
many photographs, but much is the same when using the GT body. Great resource, great hand drawn artwork of the chassis and
electrical systems. Answers many questions but leaves plenty unanswered also. (21 pages, 2.2meg file)

GT Gull Wing Hardtop Installation - Original very cool Autodynamics and Dearborn artwork on the gull wing assembly, not a lot of
step-by-step instruction but rich with information. (3 pages total in PDF)

Soft Top Installation - Single page GT install instructions, not sure of it's value on any newly made top, but who knows?

Z-Bar Installation Instructions - Another original AD artwork on the unique rear Z-bar for the GS cars. Like others I've found,
not a step-by-step procedure, but informative. (1 page)
The Deserter Owners Group
Deserter Literature Page
(some old stuff from the past along with some new)
Deserter Preserves the Rear Seat Area - Spring 68 Dune Buggies & Hot VW's

- A single page article introduces the Deserter Series 1 Buggy and describes production and differences from
the Manx as told by Alex Dearborn.  The is the earliest article I've found on Deserters and it appears in this,
the second printing of DB&HVW's
.Dune Buggy on Times Square - Popular Imported Cars - May 69, by Frank W Coggins

- A strange read on driving a dune buggy (Series 1 Deserter) around NY City.  Picture show strange chicken
coop engine cover and a helmeted driver?
A Visit to Autodynamics - Volkswage Owners Annual 1969

- A light hearted view inside Autodynamics in 1969 by Christine Laidlaw.  A few photos seem unique to the
article, others look familiar?  Nothing too revealing, but still interesting.  A four page article, (3meg PDF)
Autodynamics Corporation, The "Vee" Stands for Victory - June69 - The Goodyear Tire
Dealer Magazine

- This is a great article covering Ray Caldwell and Autodynamics.  Information on the race cars as well as the
Deserter buggies and the Hustler kit car. A Great read.
Deserter GT - Mar71 Dune Buggies & Hot VWs

- The magazine cover plus a 4-page spread on the new at the time
Deserter GT.  This is magazine every Deserter GT fan wants or shlould
GS Road Test Impressions - DBM

-  Discussions center around Alex's prep and race day at a SCCA Autocross in Orange, MA, sorry about the
Popular Imported Cars, May 1971

- A very brief article almost add like, but describes the new Deserter GT as more like a sports car with the
available Gull Wing Hard Top.
Car & Driver, 1969

- 3 pages, Another cover shot of the Deserter (the silver buggy) with specifications and comparison of the
Deserter GS #1 demonstrator car and the Cloddhopper buggy, another Manx clone.
Corsa Communique, April 2005

- 4 pages, Dune Buggy Done Right, by DOG member, Joe Kraus, decent, recent write up on the Deserter.
Ultra VW Magazine, Sept 05, by Jim Hale

- Nice 3-pge look at old Deserter images and stories. Not much new here, but good quality and informative.
40 Years in the Making, Sep2007, Kit Car Builder

- Coverage of the 40th Anniversiary Deserter Owners Get-Together & VolksVair Fair in Shrewsbury, MA.
AutoX your Buggy, May 1971 DB&HVW, by Alex Dearborn

- Another article from the May71 Dune Buggys & Hot VWs -  A very informative article at the time from an
experienced Autocrosser. 3 pages.
The Anti-Car, Mar68, Town & Country Magazine, by Denise McCluggage

- A very well written, single page coverage by one of the most renowned authors in the auto industry.
Buggin'Out, by Jerry Malicort - Sep69 Car Craft

- Good coverage of the GS car when new in 69, driving impresions and specifications are covered in two pages.
Salem News Article, Jan 2007, by Mike Stucka

- A neat look back with a mention of the current cars, owners and the Deserter Owners Group.
Sports Car, December 72, by David Kaplan

- The Dynamics of Autodynamics, an interesting look into the Autodynamics Company as told by Ray Caldwell
close to the end or just before the company ultimately had to close down.  Contains the best production
figures on Deserter cars produced that I have seen.
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The Deserter Book by Alex Dearborn, 2001ed - This is a B&W PDF scan of Alex's story
on the Deserter that provides some of his insight as well as photos and other Deserter print material, most of which is
le individually on this site individually in smaller file sizes.  Note, this is a 7meg file!  Click on the Title
to download a copy
Sport Buggies, June 1969

- Deserter GS, Massachusetts Firm's Deserter GS Is New, Hot Sports/Racing Car In Street Configuration

Reads ore like a press release with no credit to the author.